New knitting project! Vintage 50’s/60’s pattern

I’m knitting my Uncle Joe a COLD WEATHER sweater. He’s moving up to Washington State soon, and he’s elderly. I found a pattern in my old childhood favorite craft primer: McCall’s Needlework and Crafts.
I’m using two strands of Lion Brand Fisherman’s Wool. This sweater is VERY thick. I am at the point where the raglan armholes need to be  shaped ( and I have both sleeves on the needles together), but I’m concerned the pattern is flawed. More about this later! I’ll be back to edit this post with pictures and details.

Published by

Karen L. King-Gonzales

Hi! I'm a retired Bridal Designer, and am now spending my time getting back to pleasure crafts! My husband and I are still newlyweds, nearing our 3rd anniversary on October 2. I was single 33 years! We moved across the country from Phoenix Arizona, to Lumberton N. Carolina. The slower lifestyle agrees with us! Both empty-nesters, Jim and I are finishing the work on the 1950's bungalow style cottage. Fortunately, this home has a huge addition.... adding about 40% to the original size. Having to quit the sewing trade due to a disability, I spend my time on projects for home, family, and pleasure- as I feel able. Jim, now a Pastor/Judeo Christian Rabbi; is retired from the tile trade, and currently joins his friend in local ministry. This includes a bible study twice a week at a local prison. Join us as I document the journey in our changing lives!

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