Final Fitting and Pick-Up Day!

This Bridal Gown was cut down 8 inches, both in the body and the length. It started as a size 14, and ended up a 2 Petitte. My Bride was very happy! This dress had thousands of tiny lace and tulle layers making up the skirt, the tiny ruffled tiers went all the way to the hem of the train.
This Gown had the most fabric taken out of it than any other Bridal Gown I have ever worked on in my entire life! Too bad I wasn’t able to get a BEFORE Picture!

Published by

Karen L. King-Gonzales

Hi! I'm a retired Bridal Designer, and am now spending my time getting back to pleasure crafts! My husband and I are still newlyweds, nearing our 3rd anniversary on October 2. I was single 33 years! We moved across the country from Phoenix Arizona, to Lumberton N. Carolina. The slower lifestyle agrees with us! Both empty-nesters, Jim and I are finishing the work on the 1950's bungalow style cottage. Fortunately, this home has a huge addition.... adding about 40% to the original size. Having to quit the sewing trade due to a disability, I spend my time on projects for home, family, and pleasure- as I feel able. Jim, now a Pastor/Judeo Christian Rabbi; is retired from the tile trade, and currently joins his friend in local ministry. This includes a bible study twice a week at a local prison. Join us as I document the journey in our changing lives!

2 thoughts on “Final Fitting and Pick-Up Day!”

  1. My word what a gorgeous, gorgeous job you did here Karen, Wow! I've dabbled with sewing and alternations and so I only have the utmost admiration for what an amazing job you did! Bravo!


    1. Sharon, Hi! You provided me the graphics on my original Etsy, Facebook and blog sites. I’m wondering if you are still around? I tried several themes since, but I feel it’s time for another overhaul. My old Blogger site has recently been merged into a wordpress premium site. Since I recently got married and relocated, I’m ready to get serious about my online presence again. I’m not doing weddings anymore, but plan to sell supplies, and home/ fashion accessories, as well to blog about life after 50 issues, home reno projects. A mixed bag of unrelated topics. My favorite colors are aqua and teal blues and fresher greens, not too young, but not stale and stuffy. I want a happy, but restrained look that will be easy on the eyes, but
      Not fight with photos. I think the current theme needs to go.
      Please respond with your prices and ideas. I’m also looking for a theme with categories across the top.Thanks! Karen King-Gonzales


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