I just made a light box today!

Today I made a lightbox! 

I still need to work out the lighting, and camera settings. It’s a real learning curve! I am an amateur photog- never had a class in my life! Just a lot of trial and error with a 5 year old Olympus FE360 digital camera. It really is a great camera, and I’m starting to learn all it has to offer.   However, I need to post some new listings on my Etsy shop~ and they really want quality photos!

Since the opportunity for me capture the perfect light outside is rare, I am going to try to get this to work for me!

 ( My box was modified from others I saw on the web. I’ll post credits if I can find the page again!)


I found an ALMOST square 12inch box. Then, using a metal ruler, marked off 1-1/4 inch lines from the edges on the 4 sides. I used white duct tape to clean up the edges. It also adds reinforcement, and clear tape can be removed from the surface if fabric needs changing. 

#1     Here is the first stage of cutting and taping the box. You don’t have to do all this work, I just got carried away!  I like the added finish it gives.

#2     I made an inner frame to attach the fabric to, so the inside of box would have a clean finish- just in case I wanted to lean something up against the sides. There is a board for the bottom, to adjust for angles.

    #3    This shows how sheer my cotton organza is. The fabric was quite wrinkled from pre-washing. A necessity, since the friend who gave it to me had it for a long time. 
    I cut the size I needed, slightly larger; and got it wet. Then I ironed it dry on a clean sheet of muslin. That got out all the wrinkles.
    I think this fabric will be great, since it has natural stiffness and will work well inside or outside.

    #4     Here’s where I covered the frame.The fabric was taped to the back. It was stretched so there are no bubbles.

     #5     I cut to fit a clean white board and carefully stretched a wrinkle- free square of fabric. It was taped securely and stretched gently. The board can be positioned on an angle if desired. I cut and folded another piece of cardboard to support the angle from  underneath.

    #6   This is the back of the insert as I was taping the fabric. I started by pressing a crease in the top edge, and taping in place at the back top edge.
    I did use a light layer of spray adhesive on the front of this, but if you aren’t careful, it could get messy.

       #7    Fabric insert in place, a piece of  poster board ( the matt side) and the top fabric is ready to stretch and tape in place. It was trimmed to overhang the edge about 7/8-1″. then carefully stretched as I taped it on all sides.

     #8 All I have to do now is get the reflector fixture from the top of the closet, and start experimenting with  light/ camera settings.     I’m trying to get the glare off these button packages…..A Challenge!

     Below is a photo of elastic I shot as a test, using a single compact florescent bulb indoors.

    Please feel free to add your comments!  Thanks for checking out my Blog Post!

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    Karen L. King-Gonzales

    Hi! I'm a retired Bridal Designer, and am now spending my time getting back to pleasure crafts! My husband and I are still newlyweds, nearing our 3rd anniversary on October 2. I was single 33 years! We moved across the country from Phoenix Arizona, to Lumberton N. Carolina. The slower lifestyle agrees with us! Both empty-nesters, Jim and I are finishing the work on the 1950's bungalow style cottage. Fortunately, this home has a huge addition.... adding about 40% to the original size. Having to quit the sewing trade due to a disability, I spend my time on projects for home, family, and pleasure- as I feel able. Jim, now a Pastor/Judeo Christian Rabbi; is retired from the tile trade, and currently joins his friend in local ministry. This includes a bible study twice a week at a local prison. Join us as I document the journey in our changing lives!

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