Home Renovation Continued! Kitchen Transformation!

WHAT’S WRONG With This Picture?
! OLD Fridge, shelves and a 
Box -Style water heater!
 (That doorway goes to the great-room/dining area)
On the left of the fridge is a hallway to the bath/bedrooms.
Where I was standing , there is another entrance on my left to the small front room, a window behind me, and another door to the laundry;screen porch on my right.
See the stool? There needs to be a dishwasher there.
OLD florescent light fixture.
Old stove. At least is was usable until we were ready to install the new one!
I hate to admit it, but our new appliances sat in the front room for nearly 6 weeks, until the kitchen floor was in.

OLD Wood Floor with Black Adhesive

This shows the hall that leads to the bathroom, which lies behind the refrigerator .
Then, you can see the kitchen window, and realize there are doorways on either side of it. 
   There is no suitable spot for any corner style cabinetry-as there are 4 ways to this kitchen!
   I did eventually place a second-hand  drop-leaf round table under the window, with 2 small chairs.
   We chose one tile for all the areas that required tile. Those are: Kitchen. laundry, dining area, part of the hall adjoining kitchen to bath, and bath.

   Actually, that little trick helped make the listing photos a little bit more appealing, believe it or not!

WAIT till you see the results-  but first, a few more BEFORE’S.

        OLD Exhaust fan, brown paint, plastic panels   

See the Vintage 1950  exhaust fan over the stove?
(The old stove was below this photo)
The brown walls again, and those textured plastic panels. They were found over the stove and the sink.  

 BELOW: These Oak cabinets were  actually pretty new, as were the laminate butcher-block countertops. There were a few changes made to the lower sink-side cabinets, since there was a huge gap;  since a 24″ base cabinet was needed, and the old owners stuck an 18″ base there. Can you imagine? That countertop was hanging in air on both ends! 

Kitchen before painting was complete
 Anyway, we pulled that textured plastic down. We  are planning a 1″mosaic backsplash,& new countertops- but the present kitchen is like night and day!

 BELOW:  You are seeing a huge gap and overhanging counters. I’m now enjoying 2 brand new 24″ 3-drawer units!  One went where that water-heater had been! We had a plumber move it next to the washing machine, located behind the sink wall. I actually ended up liking it for a laundry countertop . That 18″ cabinet did not get re-used. It may end up in the shed at some point.

BELOW:  Our friend, Claire is sitting by the window in the kitchen. Behind her is the small front room- it was an ordeal to move thru there. But, like I said before- we have no garage!  

* Paint
*Drawer Bases

Kitchen has new tile,paint and a dishwasher!

BELOW:Vintage, round, dropped -leaf table with 2 chairs. Salvaged shelf from DIY store- turned upside down, it gave me some space to lay things down by the stove!  I made the table cloth to be used with the leaves in the down position.  Thru the doorway is our new laundry/sewing room!
 Back door exits 
out to the screen porch, where we love to watch an abundance of wildlife; including some rare birds!


Isn’t this tiny kitchen beautiful?  You can see part of the range hood. It required an electrician to help install thru the attic.

LOVE this ceramic range! This last photo was taken before the floor was complete. you can still see some of the cement board around the edges, and under the fridge.

    Below, we are in the kitchen. This is the tile used throughout the home, wherever we wanted tile. My husband ,Jim is a master tile and stone setter. He also has extensive construction skills. 
   This 1950 home has the original hardwood floors in the original part of the house. Jim and his buddy, Dave; worked together to sand and refinish the three bedrooms, hallway and front living room. You are getting a peek in the front living room, across the brand new oak threshold! 
   Dave has a woodshop at home. He is a retired shop teacher, and helped Jim cut an angle in all the new thresholds to give a smooth transition. What a nice thing it is not to trip over the transitions!

Coming in my NEXT POST:  Various rooms around the house!

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Karen L. King-Gonzales

Hi! I'm a retired Bridal Designer, and am now spending my time getting back to pleasure crafts! My husband and I are still newlyweds, nearing our 3rd anniversary on October 2. I was single 33 years! We moved across the country from Phoenix Arizona, to Lumberton N. Carolina. The slower lifestyle agrees with us! Both empty-nesters, Jim and I are finishing the work on the 1950's bungalow style cottage. Fortunately, this home has a huge addition.... adding about 40% to the original size. Having to quit the sewing trade due to a disability, I spend my time on projects for home, family, and pleasure- as I feel able. Jim, now a Pastor/Judeo Christian Rabbi; is retired from the tile trade, and currently joins his friend in local ministry. This includes a bible study twice a week at a local prison. Join us as I document the journey in our changing lives!

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