Knitting Gloves, and a Cap- Works in Progress Completed!

Patterns For Gloves  and Cap are at end of this post.

My Uncle Joe Lives up in Washington State, and is so cold up there! A few years ago he had me knit him a sweater. It was a ribbed , raglan sleeve pullover with an adaptation to the neck- he wanted a turtle neck. We chose  Lion’s Brand Fisherman’s Wool- in a brown and cream twist. It came out great! But moths got to the matching capI made him. Last year he asked for a pair of gloves. Unable to find the mixed color, I purchased the solid versions of the two colors. I made the gloves in brown, and mixed the yarns for a new cap.


Photos: Top Left- My current stash of Patton’s Classic Wool Yarn; Top Right-My Husband’s new gloves in Patton’s wool; Lower Photo- done in Lion’s Fisherman’s Wool, Uncle Joe’s Gloves and new cap halfway done- Twisted Rib Stitch with 2 yarns together on Size 8 needles. I used both a 16″ circular, and a set of 5 in size 8 DPN’s to complete the crown.

Sadly, my left hand glove didn’t match the right, and the cap was too big.

BUT: After successfully knitting up a perfect pair for my husband, I dug out Uncle’s unfinished gloves. After carefully counting the stitches and rows on the right glove, I peeled back till I was at the top of the thumb gusset on the left glove. That’s where the row count went astray. I’m blaming this on the fact that we were on a road trip and I was knitting partly in the dark!

Success! Finally, a perfectly matched pair! When I called my Mom Saturday to get his mailing address, she happened to be on the phone with him; and he said he needed the cap. Ugg! Then I remembered the too big cap in the knitting box. After ripping it apart, I actually managed to get the sizing right this time.

This story will end when I get his feedback , hopefully this week sometime!

Meanwhile, the package is off!!!

The cream yarn in the photo will be a set for my daughter.

Patton's Wool BookMen’s Gloves PatternHis Gloves Page 2 _NEW

This OUT OF PRINT Publication was published by Patons & Baldwins Limited-Great Britain, 1977


I used a set of size 3 DPN’s for a tighter fit, and a set of size 4 DPN’s for a Medium to Large hand. Finger lengths need to be adjusted to fit.

THE CAP: (My own pattern)

Yarn is used as 2 strands worsted wool held together. A  5 inch ball (2 strands wrapped together) will do. For Average  Head, about 22″

Using a size 8, 16″ circular  needle; Cast on 72 Stitches. Use a marker to designate rounds. Work in twisted rib stitch for desired length, at least 9 inches. This gives a cuff. The Stitch: *Knit 1 thru back of stitch, P1, *repeat.

For Crown of Cap: Transfer to size 8 DPN’s-Using a marker; Begin decreasing by continuing to knit thru back stitch. K-2 Tog, K8, continue around.  Next round, K-2 Tog, K7; Next round, K-2 Tog, K6   Continue until you have nearly closed the top. Run yarn through remaining  stitches and pull needle thru hole to inside cap. Work yarns in separate directions to blend in. Block crown if needed with a wad of tissue paper inside crown of cap, and use steam iron without pressure.




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