DIY Fireplace Renovation Reveal!



Home Renovation- Status Update!

We’ve been busy behind the scenes, and there’s a lot to share.  We just celebrated our first anniversary in this home, on June 9th. My husband, Jim has slowly been attending to finishing details on our remodel/ decorating projects.

Here is a list of recent jobs that are finished…

  • New granite counter tops and backsplash in kitchen. The countertop granite was ordered at Lowe’s. Pattern: “Crescent Veil”; the backsplash was purchased at Home Depot. “Honey Onyx”. My husband put in the backsplash himself, along with all the tile, and refinished all the original hardwood earlier last year.
  • He finished the fireplace! Earlier in the past year, he stripped down the existing wall surface to the studs, and rebuilt it from the cement board out. We chose a 6×12 mosaic called “Desert Quartz”. The hearth remained, as we had to live with the tired old red brick that clash with our gorgeous new stone mantle! Finally we found the perfect slate tile to match. I believe it was called ‘Mongolian Sunset” or “Mongolian Desert”, depending on who was selling it. We found it thru a “for trade- only” source in Fayetteville, N.C. I think they are Del-Tile.  Anyway, to keep the hearth from looking like an afterthought, Jim used the same quartz around the edges, and topped it with the slate. The result is AWESOME!!!
  • Next, he got busy with lighting and ceiling fans. Jim removed the ugly brass fan in the great-room, (It was too low and out dated) and installed an LED tract light. We went with the chocolate color to blend in with the beam where it had to go. Then, he installed 2 new ceiling fans in our room and his office.
  • Meanwhile, I got his 2 vintage colonial swivel chairs re-upholstered! I bought a heavy teal velvet from Joanne’s, and the same in a leaf green for pillows or other items that may need it. ( I haven’t decided yet)
  • The screen porch has been decorated, for the most part. I bought outdoor rugs from E-SALERUGS.COM . Having ordered from them once already, I am thrilled with my second purchase!  Although most of our home is leaning toward the blue-green-yellow-beige color story, I went with a modern damask design in the berry/gold tones. The deciding factor was the marble table top I inherited from my Aunt. It has grey, cream and peachy pink. The rugs were perfect!
  • In same area, I spent the spring attempting to grow an herb garden. Most of those herbs didn’t make it; but I have a few plants that did. Mostly, they are not edibles. I did install some white curtains in 3 sections of the screen porch, mostly for  privacy. Since we like to watch the birds, I did not want to close it all in. I used tension rods since I did not want to puncture the aluminum framing. I still need to re-screen the door, and one or two sections.

Finally, we are down to sorting things,( Like my hoard of tools and craft supplies) and finishing up the remaining plugs and switches, changing a few light fixtures, and other details. A bit of touch- up paint. re-hang some closet doors. Paint the front door and shutters, rails. Plan next year’s outside planting. Oh, those windows that need repair! And, last but not least, there is that not-level bathtub and plastic surround that my husband wants to pull out.  I’ve already chosen the new tub- He wants to replace the surround with tile. It’s a pretty cream colored crackle finish subway tile. Here’s the tub I want. 20170730_1439161344839253.jpg
It’s about 3″ higher than what we have now, and provides room for an adult to move around in! $249.00 at Lowe’s or Home Depot
Thanks for reading! In my next post, I’ll show the finished kitchen with the new counters and backsplash !
Please browse my archives; I’ve just combined my old blogger posts with this new blog. There’s a variety of craft and lifestyle posts. I’m still editing the tags and categories.

Also, I’ve linked my ETSY shop. I’m sorting craft supplies- destash coming soon!

I’d Love to hear from you!  Karen

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Karen L. King-Gonzales

Hi! I'm a retired Bridal Designer, and am now spending my time getting back to pleasure crafts! My husband and I are still newlyweds, nearing our 3rd anniversary on October 2. I was single 33 years! We moved across the country from Phoenix Arizona, to Lumberton N. Carolina. The slower lifestyle agrees with us! Both empty-nesters, Jim and I are finishing the work on the 1950's bungalow style cottage. Fortunately, this home has a huge addition.... adding about 40% to the original size. Having to quit the sewing trade due to a disability, I spend my time on projects for home, family, and pleasure- as I feel able. Jim, now a Pastor/Judeo Christian Rabbi; is retired from the tile trade, and currently joins his friend in local ministry. This includes a bible study twice a week at a local prison. Join us as I document the journey in our changing lives!

One thought on “DIY Fireplace Renovation Reveal!”

  1. Hi Friends! This is Jim, Karen’s husband! It’s so satisfying to see this work come to an end!
    Feel free to ask questions if you are tackling a project like this.


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