Hi, I’m Karen~

Welcome to my new blog, KLKingDesigns. Now retired  from Custom Sewing , this blog will be focused on DIY projects of all kinds, and sharing what I’ve learned over 35 years in the Design World.  In the future, I will add tutorials on sewing, knitting, and home reno projects of general interest.  In addition, I’ll include some writings from life’s more personal issues.

Here’s my story:    I have spent my life working with my hands. At age 6, I learned to knit, embroider, and sew by hand. My parents bought my first real sewing machine at age 8. In those early days, I discovered a wonderful book at the library. I checked it out so often, my parents ended up buying it for me. It is McCall’s Needlework Treasury~ and I still have it! I taught myself a lot of skills using that book! My professional career began while pregnant with my daughter, sewing at home for a nearby shop.

In my career I primarily made a good living creating Custom Designed Bridal Gowns. Bridal Alterations also has proved to be a lucrative source of income. In addition, I also worked in Community Theater, and in 1994 spent a season in the Costume Department of the San Francisco Opera.  In 2005 , I left  San Francisco and relocated  near the Palm Springs area . There in Yucca Valley, California; I began working with my brother in his Advertising Balloon business~and I learned a new set of skills.  Brought on-board to help establish his new company, I developed patterns and production methods for Art Balloons. This included the creation  of commercial stencils and lettering, as used in the sign industry. I learned to program a plotter to cut large format lettering and logos for banners, tube dancers and helium blimps. Prior to this period, I had almost no computer skills, as all my time was spent either sewing , cutting or drafting patterns!   Eventually, an Achillies Tendon injury caused me to move to Phoenix Arizona, where I recovered with the help of my Mom. This is where I met my husband, Jim Gonzales after 33 years of  single parenthood!  I now have a 37 Year old daughter, Crystal. Jim and I were married 2 years ago on my Mother’s 80th birthday!  In June of 2017, we sold his Phoenix house and bought the Lumberton, North Carolina cottage. Jim is an ordained Messianic( Judeo Christian) Jewish Rabbi, and is now working with his best friend, Rabbi Dave, in local ministry work here. Being retired , they devote their time to helping the local community.

And I am here, looking forward to a new journey with this blog!   Thank You for taking the time to read my story.   I hope you will become a follower and a contributor.

Warmly,  Karen King- Gonzales ….KLKingDesigns@gmail.com